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Davis Golf Style Academy

2013.09.05 17:45 - 2013-09-05 21:00 Golfa klubs Viesturi, Jaunmārupe
Maybe You tried before, maybe not, anyway You are welcome to come for an entertaining intro evening together with Davis here: www.golfsviesturi.lv - Genuine golf players are playing golf in sunshine, rain or even snow, but we are lucky to have friends like Davis, since he provides a roof for us during the training, so just sign up at dcc@dcc.lv before 3.9.2013-midnight. THE PROGRAM 17.45-18.00 We meet at the driving range and The Chef of restaurant will receive our dinner orders, see below. 18.00-18.45 Introduction and very serious training - by signing in please inform if You will be active or just a spectator? 18.45-19.00 We proceed to the Restaurant. 19.00-19.45 Super Salad and Your chosen dinner will be served. In this period it will also be possible to make a few rolls on the putting green. 20.00-20.45 Introduction to the course itself, Davis will show his talent and some few potentially good ones might be allowed to make a few strokes on the real course, hole 1 and 9. Approx. 21.00 - End of the event.

Starter: Super Salad is obligatory, the chef promised some very tasty stuff.
Main menu choices are:
Oven baked Dorado with white wine-wasabi sauce or Pikeperch fillet with red caviar or Chicken breast with blue cheese topping and hot cheese sauce or Spicy Pork with Pomodoro sauce or Golfer's holiday dinner - beef tenderloin fillet with wild mushrooms and oyster sauce.
If You want a side dish, You can chose between boiled potatoes, french fries, wild rice, fresh or grilled vegetables.

Golf is highly addictive and time consuming and may lead to divorce or unemployment. A typical addict spends some 20 hours a week training and plays golf rounds 2-3 times a week. One round of 18 holes takes 4,5 hours, the addict would in addition typically need 1 hour for transport, 1 hour for warming up and 1 hour for discussing the day's event in 19th hole. So, together upto 42.5 hours a week!!!

for DCCL members - free of charge according to the benefits list
for non-members - 30 LVL/person

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