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  Key Latvian tax changes as of 2022
2022.01.19 09:51
The year 2022 has started with changes in several taxes like - Value Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Social Contribution Tax, Micro-Enterprise tax etc. This requires some attention from each and everyone since we all are Latvian tax payers of different kind. Please see an overview of the Tax news in the file below.
  Exhibition opening "Voices of Violence"
2021.12.08 19:00 Riga, ņational Library of Latvia
On behalf of the Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania I would like to kindly invite you to the Voices of Violence exhibition opening on December 8th, 2021 at 19:00 (EET) at the National Library of Latvia, Exhibition hall I. The Nordic and Baltic countries as well as Belarus face many of the same issues when it comes to gender equality, sexism and gendered violence, and no matter where we live, gendered violence is, undeniably, a common social phenomenon. The core of the Voices of Violence exhibition is a series of video portrayals by Danish, Icelandic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Belarusian actresses of anonymous stories of gendered violence, as well as the marks and scars that these experiences leave on women across borders. In Riga the exhibition will be displayed from 8.12 – 21.12.2021 at the National Library of Latvia.
  "Baltic Candles" - honored as the “Entrepreneur of the Year in Zemgale 2021” (medium/large business)
2021.11.29 16:49 - 2021-11-29 16:49 Dobele
Traditionally, at the end of the year, the Zemgale Planning Region (ZPR) in cooperation with Zemgale municipalities organizes an event to honor entrepreneurs and promote good practices in business. In the united Dobele region for the event of 2021 “Entrepreneur of the Year in Zemgale 2021” 3 entrepreneurs were nominated in different nominations - - New Entrepreneur of the Year - Small / micro entrepreneur of the year - Annual medium / large entrepreneur. In Dobele region, different sectors are represented among the nominated laureates, with very different directions of activity. As can be understood from the definitions of nominations, the experience of entrepreneurs, the number of employees in the company and financial indicators also differ, representing a total of 3 limited liability companies. The owner of the title “Medium / Large Entrepreneur of the Year” can be found in Dobele, whose success and development over the years is proud and joyful not only of Dobele municipality, but also of every inhabitant of Latvia. This company produces colorful, patterned and heart-warming products… Of course, this is “Baltic Candles” Ltd.
  Danish Mortensaften Dinner
2021.11.10 18:00 - 2021-11-10 21:00 TBC
Unfortunately due to the new Covid-19 restrictions this event will not take place this year.
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