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 Mission Statement

DCCL is a non-governmental, non-profit, politically neutral, voluntary organization entirely driven by the interests of the members.


The networking is the heart of DCCL. We aim to establish, strengthen and grow the relations between Danish business entities and between Danish and Latvian business entities. We strive to create the optimum mix of members throughout Latvia enabling us to enhance the value of membership.


Another strategic aim for DCCL is to convey relevant business information as well as information about development in the country and region as such and in relation to the surrounding countries and/or communities. Furthermore, we aim at enriching the members' knowledge and competences through organizing controversial events and meetings.

 Alliances and Community Relations

The main relation ambition of DCCL is to link with other business associations in Latvia such as the Foreign Investors council (FICIL) and other Chambers of Commerce operating in Latvia. DCCL provides a forum for active Danish and Latvian business entities through which, as members of DCCL, they have the opportunity to meet and speak with leading representatives from governmental as well as business associations related with Latvia and/or Denmark.


The sum of all above mentioned goals and aims are thought to be improved business opportunities and environment for the members of DCCL. Therefore it is our aim that all activities initiated and executed by DCCL support the business environment for its members and their partners.


1. Convey business relevant information on a regular basis
2. Convey information about development in the region seen in relation to the surrounding countries and/or communities
3. Create a network between Danish and Latvian business entities

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