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High Council Meeting of the FICIL

2017.05.26 00:00 - 2017-05-27 00:00 Riga
The key theme for this year’s High Council meeting will be “Do!”. By choosing this theme FICIL would like to acknowledge the reforms that have been undertaken by the Government during the past 12 months and at the same time encourage the Government to be brave and deliver on these reforms. Our sub-themes will focus on specific areas where we see already some positive developments and on areas where additional efforts should be made. FICIL will also highlight the importance of trust as an important part of good governance and prerequisite for implementing reforms and invite to think about the legacy of the Government.

FICIL meets annually with the Government of Latvia in High Council meetings. The High Council is represented on one side by senior executives from each FICIL member company’s headquarters, and on the other side by Latvian Ministers and high civil servants. The meetings are jointly chaired by the sitting Prime Minister of Latvia and the selected CEO of a FICIL member’s parent company - the Honorary Chairman. The HC meetings are intended to facilitate a top-level discussion forum between foreign investors and the Government, to set up structured exchange of information and views between the major investors and the national policymakers. Discussions and resolution from the discussions become part of the Communiqué - a document that structures cooperation and discussions between both parties, to be reviewed during the next High Council meeting. More information - Agenda and Position papers - http://www.ficil.lv/high-council-meeting-2016/2/

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